Nearly all modern-day car models come with alloy wheels. They are much more functional and lightweight than conventional car wheels. Along with reducing the kerb weight of your vehicle, alloy wheels also play a crucial role in improving its performance.

Drive Your Car Responsibly:

Driving with an alloy wheel requires some crucial considerations. As a driver, you should avoid taking your car to rough terrain and handling it recklessly. This can cause deadly damage to your car components and may dent or break the valuable wheels.

Different Forms of Alloy Wheel Damage:

Driving with a damaged car wheel can endanger you life, as well as your loved ones. You shouldn’t hesitate to get the issues fixed by a professional alloy wheel repair in Guildford. Here is a list that can help you determine the most common alloy wheel damage.

  • Dented or Bent Wheel:

    Large impact can bend your alloy wheel, and cause dents that later develop into a bigger problem. These issues are easy to spot and should be sorted out quickly. The best solution is to straighten the alloy with the help of professional equipment. It is a far cheaper option that will make your wheel look new.

  • Rusted Alloy:

    Although it may look like it, alloy wheels do not gather rust. With years of use however, they start corroding. Upon closer inspection, you may spot white marks on the wheel. These are similar to rust marks on iron surfaces. Professionals can diagnose this problem effectively by applying a protective layer to the alloy wheel.

  • Cracked Alloy:

    Your car wheels take a considerable amount of pressure in each drive. As this impact goes through the wheel, they become susceptible to cracks and other forms of damage. These cracks may vary in size, from a hairline crack to a large gape. Small cracks are easily fixed, however you should avoid this as much as possible.

These are a few common issues that can affect your vehicle’s alloy wheels. If you need professional repair assistance, get in touch with a professional source like Smart Wheels. We are a mobile car body repair company specialising in alloy wheel repairs in Guildford. Our team comprises experts who can diagnose and effectively solve your alloy wheel issues. For more details, you can visit our website today.